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(Koh) Jones

65% of people learn visually... and my husband is no different


When my husband and I bought our house, I would describe these elaborate design ideas to him for how each room could be designed. My hands were flailing and words were coming out of my mouth a mile-a-minute due to my excitement of our homes' potential. When I would end my design rant, and asked him what he thought, he always answered the same way. "I gotta see it". It came to the point where I would just answer for him. 

I learned quickly that with my occupation, it's my job to see the big picture and the potential of a space, but not everyone is programmed that way. So, how do I help him see what I see?

That is where this blog comes in! I don't believe you need to devote 6 years of schooling, 6 exams and become an architect to be able to design your home. However, I do believe I can contribute knowledge and inspiration to help you design the home of your dreams!

My hope for this blog is that it inspires all of you to be able to be designers of your own home. For guests of this blog to be able to be informed about their options for their home and to make their own choices.

'I Gotta See It' Origin

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Facts About Me

I live and work in Austin, TX and I love calling this city home

I have wanted to be an architect since 7th grade (I am the exception, not the rule)

My go-to confidence outfit is pointed-toe heels and skinny dark washed jeans with a blazer (a la photo above)

My husband and I went to middle school, high school and college together, but did not begin dating until after I moved to Austin in 2016 and we reconnected at a bar

I would consider myself an introvert who recharges by being along

Margaritas are my love language

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