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Our Home


Finding our home went like this... 

We toured lots of homes, made lots of offers, and got lots of rejections. This was typical for many during the 2020/2021 housing boom and it seemed like everyone was moving to Austin. What really pigeonholed us was that we wanted a particular neighborhood, where not many houses were for sale, and we weren't going to settle for anything less.

To give you a bit of background on both of us, I am the one who doesn't read the instructions because I think I can figure it out on my own, I'm the more competitive one (because being more competitive is a competition in it of itself) and I'm the impulsive one who wants to jump on a good opportunity when I see one. All of these traits were not the most satisfactory when it came to buying a home.


Luckily, I am partners with someone who is logical, always thinking things through, and needs to sleep on any big decision before making it. It's part of what makes us a great team. So, when it came to buying a house, his attributes were more suited for the challenge. Every home we toured, I could see the potential of what it could become, but Travis saw the dollar signs and thought about how much my vision would cost (so logical). I wanted a home with character, he wanted a newer build. So we met in the middle.

We ended up closing on a newer build home that had so much potential and could have character given to it. It was a blank slate for our vision to come to life. My enneagram 3 personality could go wild with small projects and he wouldn't have to worry about me breaking the bank because what would be the more costly items were brand new. The layout worked, foundation was good, structure and roofing were only 4 years old, and the inspection came back as an A+.

There are big things planned for this house, and I can't wait to show you! See the posts below for our various home projects!

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