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Painted Wall & Moulding

I just love the look of a painted wall with the moulding painted the same color. To me, it just elevates the room so much and adds so much dimension. Depending on the style of the room, you can add as many layers to moulding to reflect the style of the room. Where I would want to potentially implement this is on one of our stair walls or in one of the guest bedrooms as a picture wall.

Photo Credit: @harlowhays

Painted Ceiling

Painting a ceiling some sort of accent color would be a dream to add to our home. Particularly, I would envision painted in space without much other color on the walls so that the ceiling takes center stage. I would love to paint the ceiling in our bedroom with a picture railing about 1'-0" below the ceiling. The color scheme of our room is blues with dark wood tones so finding a deep blue that has hints of deep brown tones would be ideal to incorporate all elements of that room together.

Photo Credit: @buckinghamrenovation

Picture Rail

I've seen picture rails come more and more back in style recently and I think they are such a good idea so you don't have a million nail holes in your walls. A picture rail is typically a horizontal wood moulding piece that is mounted on the upper third of your wall. This moulding piece has a profile that allows metal clips to sit and attach to the top of the moulding where you can attach thin wire to to hang your pictures at various heights. Mentioning painting the ceiling in the above paragraph, a picture rail provides a great stopping point if you wanted to extend the color of your ceiling a bit down the wall to where it stops at the picture railing. I envision this design in Travis' and my bedroom since we have a completely blank wall that definitely needs some design help. The picture moulding would have various wall art from our travels and engagement photos.

Photo Credit: @thepostvictorian

Wall Sconces

I am a firm believer that light fixtures can quickly elevate the look of a room and wall sconces certainly fall under this category. Wall sconces are just so quaint and they can literally highlight a piece that you are fond of in your home. The great thing about wall sconces nowadays is that they do not have to be hardwired. Amazon has a tone of great options that are battery powered. I would love to add these on either side of a piece of wall art or above a piece of art as a gallery light. 

Photo Credit: @lightingcollective


Wallpaper is making a major design comeback and does not have to be your grandma's typical floral wallpaper. I am trying to get Travis on board with using wallpaper somewhere in our home, but in his defense, it's hard to get past that much pattern in a single area. I guess I will just have to render what I am thinking for him :). If I were to envision putting wallpaper in our home, I would think it would be on a smaller wall or portion of a wall as not to overwhelm the space. I am still getting comfortable with that much pattern, but used in the right context, I think it can really make a big impact.

Photo Credit: @ourpnw_home

Wall Tile

Besides our kitchen backsplash, there is no tile anywhere on our walls. Our bathrooms each have a fiberglass surround around the tubs that was a prefabricated unit with the tub. I would love to do an accent tile wall on the wall where our bathroom sinks are or in our small half-bathroom that is upstairs. Have I ever tiled a wall before? No, not an entire wall, but I am open to doing some DIY. I just think tile adds such an interesting accent to a room and really elevates a room from the builder standard of a spec home.

Photo Credit: @kimspradlinwolfe

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