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There’s a reason these are investment pieces… they aren’t the cheapest things we have done to our home. I’ve found that when you buy inexpensive, it tends to either fall apart quickly or look inexpensive. Now, is everything in our home expensive, absolutely not. I believe there are definitely areas in your home where you can buy the inexpensive option. Unfortunately, this list is not that. It’s about us paying the premium price for premium quality and although there was sticker shock that came with buying some of these items, we haven’t looked back.


When we bought the king size mattress in the Primary Bedroom, first off, I didn’t realize how expensive good-quality mattresses were. Secondly, I didn’t realize how worth it would be to invest in a good-quality mattress. There was a bit of sticker shock at first, but having a good night sleep is imperative for our lives. Our mattress is the perfect amount of firm and comfortable, the way we both prefer.


I’ve talked about our LVP flooring in another blog post, but having this flooring in the house for over a year, made us appreciate the price we paid and how well it has held up even more. We have had several parties in our home and things have been dropped or spilled on the floors and the floors have performed as well as the day we put them in. They are easy to clean and add the perfect warmth to our home. Just like the mattress, the sticker shock took a bit to get used to, but I still say audibly, “I love these floors”.


I wouldn’t say our sofa was overly expensive or there was sticker shock from it, but by its nature, sofas just tend to be expensive. It’s another investment that was well worth it. The size of the sofa and the seating options really sold us on it. There is a chaise section if you want to lay out, a loveseat in the middle, which is where we usually eat dinner, and what they call a ‘cuddler’ if you want to curl up. Travis and I each get our own areas of the sofa or we can share a spot depending on how we feel. Initially, we were both afraid that the sofa would be too large for our living room, but it worked out perfectly in the end and were happy with our selection.


Again and again, I will say it, lighting is one of the top 5 things that add the biggest impact to your home. This isn’t just about the color temperature of the lighting, which is also important, but it’s also about the fixture itself. Replacing builder grade boob lights, eh, with good quality fixtures have been one of my favorite things about our home. Every time a light is replaced for a quality fixture, the room feels to suddenly come together. Lighting can get expensive quickly and can be an investment piece, so for us, we have been slowly changing out the lighting little by little as the budget sees fit.

Sound System

Sonos, Sonos, Sonos. Enough said. It’s our tried and true system to use throughout our home. Travis is the one who has turned me on to why it’s the best, and I have to agree. The fact that you are able to join the speakers together and play the same music in multiple rooms is wonderful. We love playing music in multiple rooms while we clean the house, or I love playing music in the kitchen by myself as I meal-prep for the week after work and Travis is doing his own thing. Is it the cheapest system, definitely not, but I have found that the best quality things are rarely the cheapest.

Security System

When it comes to technology for our home, this is Travis’ realm of knowledge. He is great about researching and figuring out which option is best for our home and the security system / wifi was no different. Can you really put a price on security? Our security system is with Ring and not only have we felt extremely safe with having it, I also get ratted out by the doorbell camera whenever an Amazon order is delivered lol. In all seriousness though, it has been a huge investment, but one that is definitely worth it for the entirety of our home.

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