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What We Still Want to Change / Add in the Living Room

The living room is definitely the area of our home where we spend most of our time, so we wanted it to be the first room we completed. So, what do we still want to add to it to make it complete?




Media Console.gif
Media Console

Well, first up is the media console. I talked a bit about this in the 'Changing and Designing the Baby Blue Wall' post, but since we have a large 77" television mounted on the wall, we need a media console wide enough to look proportionate. 

I fell in love with a media console from Joybird (linked here) that was 90" long. Plenty long to sit underneath our television, but it went out of stock right as I was going to pull the trigger on it back in April (and I wanted to wait until the price came down). It finally came back in stock in late August, and we are now waiting on it to be delivered (which should be in late September, fingers crossed).

Coffee Table.gif
Coffee Table

For the coffee table, our current coffee table is considered farmhouse style. It was the coffee table I purchased for my apartment when I first moved to Austin, and before I was dating Travis. The coffee table is no longer our style and does not mesh with the rest of the living room decor. Our current table will move upstairs to the gaming area once we decide on a new coffee table for the living room.

With that being said, we would like our new coffee table to meet the following needs

1. The way our sofa and living room are configured, a rectangular or elliptical coffee table would fit and look the best in our space

2. We typically eat at our coffee table since it's just the two of us, so we would like the coffee table to be tall enough to be used for that

3. We would like a coffee table that does not have a heavy base. To solve our height problem (#2 on the list), some might suggest a coffee table with a lift top. Those are great, but they have a heavy look to them because of their functionality. Since our sofa and media console are already 'heavy' pieces of furniture, we need the coffee table to look 'lighter'

4. We want the coffee table to incorporate a bit of dark wood with black elements to match the rest of the living room

5. Lastly, we want it to be roughly the same length and width of our current one

I know, it might be asking for a lot, but here are a couple of the ones we are considering.

Burch Cross Legs Coffee Table with Storage Oak.png
SunPrarie Coffee Table.png
Renna Frame Coffee Table.png
Ceiling Fan.gif
Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan in our living room is the fan that came with the house when we bought it. Does it do it's job? Yes. Would it be our first choice if we chose it ourselves? Probably not. So, at some point we are going to revise the ceiling fan to be a little bit wider and to be a different color (our current one is dark brown and silver), probably to one that is black. We have downlights in our living room on either side of our ceiling fan, so we don't want to make the ceiling fan so wide that we have what's called the strobe effect. The strobe effect is where as the ceiling fan is rotating, the blades of the fan cross over the light of the downlight causing the light to strobe. We will increase the size of the fan from 52" to either a 54" or 60" fan.


Lighting of a room is what really makes that room come together and one type of light we need most for this room is lamps. We will probably put a floor lamp behind our sofa and a small table lamp on the side table.

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