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I Love... Lamps

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Who knew there was enough complexity with lamps to write an entire blog post about it? Not me, until I realized that there very well could be a blog post dedicated to it. So, what all could we talk about? Well, we are going to broaden our lamp vocabulary a bit. Shade types, light bulb color temperatures and some of the lamps I am loving right now. Stay tuned... you might learn something.


Lamp Shade Shapes

Yep, there are multiple lamp shade types & shapes. From the 'Bell' style that is more antique to the 'Rectangle' and 'Square' that are more modern, there's a little something for everyone. Probably my favorite right now is the 'Empire' & 'Coolie' especially in a pleated shade. The graphic below does not even come close to showing all of the shade options, these are just some of the most popular ones.


Color Temperature

Ok, so you found the perfect lamp shade, now you need a bulb to put in the lamp. Bulbs are a whole other rabbit hole to go down, but specifically, I want to talk about the color temperature of the light bulb. Color temperature is color the bulb emits. Some bulbs have a more yellow hue, while some are more blue and the color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The graphic below from Tachyon Light is a really good representation of what color temperature is.

I prefer 4000K-5000K for light bulbs because is the closest color temperature to actual daylight. Like the graphic shows, 3000K is the typical household light bulb, but 4000K is typically found in offices and 5000K is best for reading since it provides the least amount of lighting contrast.


My Favorite Lamps

Here are some of my favorite lamps right with links below to each one!


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