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The Most Beautiful Board Games

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I think it's no secret that Travis and I are pretty competitive, with ourselves and with others when it comes to any sort of game. We also keep what's called a 'Challenge List' which is a list of games and who has won each game. For instance, we played billiards when we first started dating and I wanted it to be a challenge, which meant whomever won received a tally on the 'Challenge List'. Whomever won best 2 out of 3 is crowned the champion of that particular game. We've even gotten competitive with sudoku, so the challenge could really be anything. Really, his competitiveness is one of the pieces I fell in love with.

But, what this blog post is actually about is beautiful board games for your home. These games in the post below are just beautiful and are worthy of being kept out in your home rather than stored in a box in a closet somewhere.


Stackable Blocks (Jenga)







*We just got this one for our home and love it. The only thing is, the pieces don't have the felt bottoms so they will need to be added manually.




4-in-a-Row (Connect 4)











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