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Design Services

If you are having trouble designing and picking pieces for a room in your own home, this is where I come in! I hone in on your design style, budget, expectations and dimensions of your space to really help you fall in love with your home! See the information below on the design process, pricing, testimonials and FAQ. There is a questionnaire at the end if you are ready to take the next step to see your homes' potential.

How It Works


A compilation of images of all of the decor & furniture that we would use for your room



An mock-up is a two-dimensional view of what your room could like with all of the design board elements as if you were looking at a wall straight on

This is a three-dimensional view of a space that creates a life-like experience

Design Board:

Design Services

ADD ON: Additional


You can add an additional elevation to either the 'Design Board + Elevations' or 'Design Board + Elevations + Renderings' package

ADD ON: Additional Rendering

You can add an additional rendering to the 'Design Board + Elevations + Renderings' package


ADD ON: Floor Plan

This addition is for a floor plan view of your furniture layout. This can be added on to any package.


Lauren S.

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Can you work with any existing furniture and/or items in this space? Absolutely! Whether it's an heirloom or a newer piece you have just purchased, we want to make sure it's incorporated and works with the design. All we would need are photos of the pieces you want us to implement and any other information you know abut the item (dimensions, product name (if it's newer), etc.)

How do you decide which walls to do a Mock-Up for? Us and the client work together to decide on which walls are the most important to do a Mock-Up of. Usually the common walls we mock-up are fireplace walls, media walls, stovetop walls in the kitchen, large blank walls.

Do you offer in-person consultations / measurements? We can come measure and have an in-person consultation if your project is within 25 miles of downtown Austin. An in-person consultation would incur an additional $150 deposit.

What if an item that you specified changes price and is no longer in budget or becomes out of stock when I'm ready to order? We offer complimentary furniture/decor replacements if an item in your design is no longer available or changes price. You must e-mail us within 3 months of when your final payment was submitted to receive a complimentary 'swap-out'. If an item is out of stock or changes price over 3 months of your final payment, any item 'swap-outs' will incur a fee of $25 per item.

If you want to take the first step to working together on a design for your home, please fill out the questionnaire below. This is just for me to get to know your design style, budget, dimensions and expectations to help you fall in love with your home! This is a non-binding questionnaire and does not constitute a contractual obligation.

Which design package(s) are you interested in?

I look forward to working with you!


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