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7 Ways to Use Live Flowers in The Design of Your Home

Updated: Jun 24, 2022



Adding flowers to a vase is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of designing with flowers in your home, but with vases, there are so many options on how they are styled. If you are looking for a more sleek and modern vibe for your home, I would recommend decorating with a few single stems that are all the same color. Along with keeping these flower types cohesive, try also cutting the stems of the flowers to different lengths to achieve a varied height and depth look.

If you want to use flowers in a bouquet type arrangement, use about 3 different base colors (say red, white and purple flowers) in odd numbers (say 3 red, 5 white, and 3 purple flowers) and space them out evenly throughout the vase. Once you have your base flowers in, fill the remaining empty spaces in the arrangement with smaller filler flowers and greenery. Again, cut the stems of the flowers to different lengths to achieve a full and depthful design.

Photo Credit: @raduacrystal


Window Box

I cannot emphasize how enjoyable it is to go visit a home that has a window box right outside their kitchen window or study. Somehow it makes washing dishes more enjoyable (...somehow). Window boxes are typically placed right at the homes' window sill and house flowers or herbs. Window boxes are great because they let you see the flowers right in your sight line, especially when it is right outside your kitchen window. Try planting lavender, dwarf rosemary, or basil and open your window, but keep your screen closed, to welcome in the aroma of these plants. Basically a built-in air freshener.

I would recommend the following window boxes:

Photo Credit: @nataliehopemcdonald



Using fresh flowers for wreaths does not have to be reserved just for special holidays and even then let's be honest, our wreaths for the holidays aren't made of fresh flowers. During the spring, there are so many beautiful flowers in bloom, it's hard to not be inspired to bring these flowers into your home. If making a fresh flower wreath all the time feels overwhelming, just try making one and see how it makes you feel. Who knows, it may be your new creative outlet. If making one wreath feels comfortable, then try making one at the start of each season. For springtime, use fresh wildflowers. For summer, use citrus. For fall, orange, brown and cream colors work well together. And lastly, for the winter time, evergreen is a constant that will never go out of style and will make your home smell amazing!

You now must be thinking, I've never made a fresh flower wreath in my life. To be honest, neither have I. Great thing is, Wikihow has a step-by-step tutorial (with photos) on how to make one right here.

Photo Credit: @willowandwreath


Hanging Eucalyptus in Your Shower

Although eucalyptus isn't a flower, it was worth mentioning on this list because of the benefits and the sense of relaxation it brings (we can all use a bit more of that). According to Healthline, natural eucalyptus and eucalyptus oils promote clearing up nasal congestion and putting your body into relaxation mode. It also relieves stress and can even subdue pain (sounds like a miracle plant to me). See link to article here.

So it's got all these great health benefits, but hanging eucalyptus in the shower? Really? Well, the reason to hang it in the shower is that the steam from the shower will help release the incense of the eucalyptus which will inturn give you all of the health benefits above.

Photo Credit: @thewellfedtribe



Everytime I hear someone say potpourri, I just think of the little crystal dish that my grandma kept her potpourri in. When I think of potpourri, it doesn't give off the most modern of vibes. Did you know potpourri actually means 'rotten pot' in French? Not very attractive. But, there are modern ways to introducing potpourri into your home. Housing the potpourri in subtle areas around the house will make your home smell amazing. In the bathrooms, try taping the bag of potpourri to the underside of the toilet tank lid. Sound weird? This way the odor will get moderately distributed in the bathrooms (sometimes it can have a strong odor) and if it is under the toilet tank lid, children and pets cannot get to it. If you want to place it in bedrooms. Tape a bag of the potpourri to an inconspicuous space such as on a high shelf or to the back of a picture frame. If you don't have either children or animals, feel free to leave it in open containers all through the house. The Essentially Natural website also has great recipes on how to make your own potpourri here.

Photo Credit: @goodgirlflowerfarm


Welcome Flowers for Guests

This next flower decor suggestion is definitely for the 'hostess with the mostess' who wants all his/her guests to feel like they are staying in a hotel. To elevate your guest experience, leave fresh flowers in their room for when they get there. The flowers could be a sprig of lavender that is left on their pillow or a couple of flowers in vases on each nightstand beside the bed. You can even introduce a small bouquet of flowers in their bathroom. It's just these little touches that make your guests feel welcomed and invited into your home.

Photo Credit: Art of the Home


Low Centerpieces

Lastly, is a table centerpiece of fresh flowers. During dinner at a dining table, sometimes it gets distracting to be trying to talk to the person across from you and there is a tall vase of flowers blocking your view. In these instances, I would recommend a low centerpiece of fresh flowers like the one on the left from Alpine Wine Design who used a wine bottle holder, glass cups and fresh flowers to create a modern and fragrant centerpiece. You can also use a long container, section it off with tape and insert fresh flowers into the quadrants like what @galushastyle did and style it with any flowers of your choosing to create a more cohesive look.

Photo Credit: Alpine Wine Design


However you incorporate fresh flowers into your home, you cannot go wrong. Fresh flowers elevate your home by making it smell amazing and gives a feeling of comfort to your guests and family. I can't wait to see how you use fresh flowers in your own home!


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