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Where to Start When Designing

Most of us either just bought a new house and want it to feel more like home or, we have lived in the same house for a number of years and have fallen out-of-love with a room or two and want to redesign it. If you aren't in either of these categories, then just enjoy the reading material.

If you are in the first two categories, the first question you might ask is, "I don't like this room as is, but I'm not sure how to re-design it". If you're like me, you may know what you don't like before you find something you do like. No worries! Here are some options for when you don't know how to start designing a space and need some inspiration.



Ah, the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. By searching for the room you are designing for on Pinterest, you can find all kinds of ideas from talented men & women for hours on end. Start searching for something broad like 'Calm Office' and scroll through whatever comes up. Most of the time you will get a strong feeling, either positive or negative, about what images you see as you scroll. From there, you can slowly hone in on what you are drawn to and what you want to steer clear of.

Once you begin to hone in on the vibe you want, start a Pinterest board that is just for the room you are looking to design. Take this Pinterest board on your phone to your favorite decor store, online or in-person, and start looking for specific pieces that speak to you.



You either may have a blanket that your grandmother made, a pillow you loved and bought at Target or maybe even a rug you saw at your friends' house and want to copy, any of these can be great sources of inspiration and a tool where you can pull a lot of creativity from. Textiles not only help to soften a space, but I like to use them as 'home base' of the room as the thing that really pulls the room together. You can bring the colors in the textile out in accessories you use in the room, accent pieces of furniture and paint colors.


Fill Your Space With Pieces You Love

To make a space you want to spend time in, it should feel like you and should reflect your personality. An easy way to do this is to find different pieces of furniture or accents that you love. They can be items from your travels, something that made you laugh when you passed by it and had to buy it, or something unique that reflects your personality. Once you begin to find pieces you like, the space begins to be a place you want to spend time in. These items that you fall in love with also have great stories behind them, so they serve double duty at making great conversation starters at dinner parties.


Find A Home Layout That Is Like Yours

If you live in a spec home neighborhood, there is bound to be a home with your same layout. If you are struggling with how to design a certain area of your home, find a home in the neighborhood that matches your layout and ask the owner how they designed the room you are struggling with. Ask them if maybe they can send pictures of this space in their home or, if they are very generous, they may even let you see the space for yourself. This is a great way to gather inspiration and gain different design perspectives and will help you think of design in ways that are outside of your norm.


Ask For a Friends' Advice

Most of us have that one friend that just has the 'design eye'. Ask them for their advice on a room or design feature that you can't figure out. They may just be able to give you the inspiration you are looking for. Invite them over for lunch or wine (or lunch AND wine) and walk around your home and discuss the areas that bother you or that you cannot figure out. I always find it most helpful to bring your glass of wine with you as you're discussing design. It really helps get the juices flowing.



Some of these ideas may work for you, and some of them might not. My hope for the blog is that whomever visits finds what works for them because everyone is different. I do hope this post gives you some clarity in your design direction and inspires you to make your house a home.


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