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Instagram Accounts I Love To Follow For Design Inspo


MM Lighting

Based out of my native Houston, MM Lighting is a lighting showroom who posts photos of their lights fixtures in their client's homes. Since these homes have all been designed by different interior and architecture firms, the style of the homes are all different. Of course the lighting is the main focal point, but their photos capture the entire design to show how their lighting seamlessly incorporates. The post lots of interior and exterior photos and the style of the homes is all over the board from coastal to sleek modern.


Vivir Design

This account is brought to you by two friends who love design! They post spaces by other designers, but ,they also design spaces themselves. The kitchen to the right is one of their own creations and what a beauty it is! Their posts include interior and exterior design and cover lots of styles and aesthetics. I'm a firm believer that good design, whether it's your taste or not, is universal. You can just tell when design works. Their Instagram showcases what inspires them.

Photo Credit: @vivirdesign


Lindsay Hill Interiors

Lindsay Hill Interiors is run by Kathless Field out of Utah and she uses an amazing mix of a modern base with natural touches that make her spaces feel like home. She also uses soft and organic accessories throughout her designs to balance out the room. I am all about using wood tones in design which might be why I gravitate towards this page. She uses these tones in almost every one of her designs from the cabinets to the furniture and I am here for it!

Photo Credit: @lindsayhillinteriors


Palecek Design

Palecek Design is valued for being a furniture and lighting designer & wholesaler who uses many natural materials as inspiration in their products. Their merchandise all have a unique touch and it is great to see how these elements fit into the design of a home. In all of their posts, you can tell which piece is theirs because of the natural elements and organic forms. Their posts show the overall feel of the room and how their products enhance the space and tie-in seamlessly.

Photo Credit: @palecekdesign & @vlentine


Pure Salt Interiors

Just like their name suggests, Pure Salts' design is simple and natural. There is no unnecessary clutter that impedes their vision and this is perfectly reflected in their sophisticated California vibe. They let each piece speak for itself. This firm was founded by two best friends who chased their dream of becoming designers of their own studio. Their posts of their projects bring calmness and peace and that's just what comes across on Instagram. I can't imagine what their designs look and feel like in person!

Photo Credit: @puresaltinteriors & @vlentine


Decor 67

This is the most eclectic one of the accounts that I follow and I absolutely love it. This account is a compilation of multiple designers who all bring something a little funky to the table. These styles help get me out of my creative comfort zone and want to try new things. Decor 67's posts features lots of creative colors, textiles and artwork that tie the whole room together in an unexpected yet seamless way.

Photo Credit: @powellandbonnell & Ted Yarwood


Chris Loves Julia

I adore watching Julia's process of designing her own home with modern and vintage touches mixed together. She isn't afraid to take sophisticated risks with color and patterns to tie a room together. When I saw her music room at her Idaho home, I was in love! The walls and the ceiling are all painted the same burgundy color and it inspired me to want to do the same in my home. And the arched window in their living room! It is iconic! So amazing!

Her and her family have just moved from Idaho to North Carolina, and their Idaho home went through such an upgrade from the beginning. I enjoy her taking her viewers along for her design process and I can't wait to see what she does to her Raleigh home.

Photo Credit: @chrislovesjulia


Ayesha Usman Design

I love the styled eclectic touches that Ayesha brings to all her designs. She is not afraid to incorporate dark colors that still makes a space feel cozy and inviting. She is not only a designer, but a stager and styler as well and works in and around the Seattle area. She focuses a lot on the small-scale intimate details of a room which I enjoy. Most of the time, these small details are the missing piece to what a room needs. Her bread and butter is definitely styling and showcasing different ways on how accessories can be styled.


Amber Interiors

Based out of California, Amber Interiors is a design and remodeling firm that works closely with designers and architects to create their clients' ideal space. What I admire most about them is their risk -taking design eye. With every space, they incorporate pieces from different periods, with colors and various patterns and meld them together into a cohesive space. Their design eye really is gifted rather than learned and I am glad they have shared their design interpretation. There is also a rustic charm to all of their designs that makes their rooms feel like they have been styled that way forever.


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