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Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen For Under $75

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

We did an under $75 post for how to update your bathroom on a budget, and now we are moving on to the kitchen. Like a bathroom, your kitchen has some big ticket items that, of course, will not be under $75, but that's where creativity comes in on what you can change for under $75. Here are a couple of options to fall back in love with your kitchen... on a budget.


Cabinet Hardware

I am a firm believer that hardware elevates your space and just like in your bathroom, I think it can be a big game changer in your kitchen as well. Whether you want to go with knobs or pulls, Amazon has some amazing options that are durable, easy to clean, and cost effective.


Under-Counter Lighting

For an feature that makes your kitchen look upscale without paying an upscale cost, add under-counter lighting to under your upper cabinets. These lights can be slim and discreet so that you will never see the actual fixture, just the light it emits. To make the fixture less visible, place the fixture closer to the front of your cabinets.

Now, where to find reasonably priced lighting? Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Always and forever Amazon. Not only can you get something that will achieve what you need it to, and will be inexpensive, but the reviews are the real selling point here and why I love using Amazon for something like this.

What you want to avoid with undercounter lighting is the spotlight effect that some create on your backsplash or counter where you can see every little individual bulb. That's where Amazon comes in and helps with the reviews. Read the reviews before purchasing your undercounter lights to see what issues or positives other users have reported.

Here are a couple of options that have great reviews.


Cove Moulding Above Cabinets

Cove moulding is a trim piece that nails into the top of your upper cabinets and adds a great finishing piece, like the cherry on top of a cake. It is a minimal piece that makes your cabinets look and feel more upscale. Home improvement stores and online retailers sell this moulding and you can either buy it as virgin wood (unstained or painted) or, the moulding can be purchased with an exact color match of your cabinets.


Decor Above Your Upper Cabinets

To make your kitchen reflect your personal style, you need to add your own personal touches to it and one of the best blank slates to do that with is above your upper cabinets. If your cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, this is a great area to showcase some of your favorite items. Some great places to find items for on top of your cabinets are...

  1. Goodwill. Everything is inexpensive and you can find some great hidden gems.

  2. Target. In the discount section at the front of the store. Sometimes they have greenery, vases and seasonal decor.

When it comes to styling the area above your cabinets, similar rules to apply like styling shelves (check out the 'Shelf Styling' blog post). You will want to place items in small clusters so that your cabinets won't look too crowded. You will also want to space out these clusters to give them each room to metaphorically breathe and not look too cramped.

Photo Credit: Soul and Lane

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Photo Credit: Louise Wellington


Kitchen Island Paneling/Tiling

Most kitchen islands just have drywall on the front of the island, where your stools are, which leaves your wall more susceptible to scratches, knixs and scuffs. If you want this area to be more durable, paneling or tiling are great options as upgrades. See below for the benefits of each.

1. Tile

- Easy to clean

- Durable

- There are cost effective options

2. Beadboard

- Aesthetically appealing

- Cost effective

3. Wood Planks

- Versatile Pattern

- Stained whatever color you choose

- Durable

Photo Credit: Tatertots and Jello

Photo Credit: Designing Idea

Photo Credit: Tatertots and Jello


Pendant Lights

I am the biggest advocate for lighting and hardware to quickly and inexpensively update your space ... insert pendant lights. These lights, that typically hang over an island or peninsula, help to accent your kitchen and pull your entire kitchen together. You can take this kitchen upgrade practice as a fresh start to upgrade your pendants to something that reflects your new style.

Where to find inexpensive pendant lights?

1. Home Depot

2. Amazon

3. Wayfair

4. Facebook Marketplace



When I say paint, I mean the walls, your cabinets, the ceiling, almost anything! Paint is a minor expense for a major upgrade. If you are painting your walls or ceiling, check out the 'Complete Guide to Paint' blog post. For your cabinets, make sure to sand them first and follow either of the resources below depending on the current finish of your cabinets.

Cabinets That Are Currently Painted and You Want to Re-Paint Them

Cabinets That Are Currently Wood Finished and You Want to Paint Them


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